3 Crypto Predictions for 2023 From Digital Asset Manager 3iQ’s Research Head

3 Crypto Predictions for 2023 From Digital Asset Manager 3iQ's Research Head

Connors: 2023 will be a barbell for digital assets. It will be the core Layer 1s, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and it will be the use of NFTs by TradFi companies, which is a corollary to my first point. In 2022, the ecosystem was you had your alt level ones like Solana, Algorand and the like providing the bulk of the non-Bitcoin, Etherium, stablecoin market cap. Seventy percent of market cap in digital assets of the last 12 months. So that 30% of market cap is going to shift from alt level ones and level twos and other projects to be more NFT related. The NFT technology from a security and verification standpoint has greater integrity, and a higher trust and security factor. Given it can be nested with the Etherium ecosystem and can be bridged, it will have functionality and security. I think you'll see the most growth in NFTs.

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