Ancient Bitcoin Millionaires Are Waking Up (this is very strange)


An ancient Satoshi era, wallet with 27 million in Bitcoin, has woken up for the first time in 12 years. Does this wallet belong to Satoshi Nakamoto? The founder of Bitcoin is Satoshi alive. Well, the last we heard of Satoshi Nakamoto was on April 23 2011..

He stated I've moved on to other things. Satoshi reportedly holds 1 million Bitcoin, making Satoshi Nakamoto the largest Bitcoin holder, and if Satoshi was alive and dumped these coins on the market, would it destroy the entire crypto industry and to add to the confusion?

Just a few days before an April 19th, a different ancient wallet, with 178 million in Bitcoin that was Dorman for 9.3 years finally woke up and transferred 60.7 million in Bitcoin and to add even more to the confusion.


Just a couple days later, on April 21st, a different ancient wallet, with 31.6 million in Bitcoin that was dormant for 10 years, transferred 7

8 million in Bitcoin and to add even more to the confusion, although unrelated, I think it's unrelated after 7.7 years, an Ico ethereum wallet with 4.4 million in it decided to transfer one ethereum and then shortly after they transferred the rest of the ethereum. What'S going on here, this is very odd.

Ancient Bitcoin Millionaires

Behavior. Do these wallets have something to do with Satoshi Nakamoto? Well, who is Satoshi Nakamoto one person? We know that it's not is 64 year old, Japanese, American Dorian, Satoshi Nakamoto main reason. I'M here is to clear my name that I have nothing to do with Bitcoin.

I just believe that somebody put that fictitious name in there Satoshi Nakamoto and big Colin and Charles canson, founder of cardano, believes that he knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is the most likely candidate.

Would be Adam back, it's the Occam's razor candidate and mostly because he's the right place right time, right, age, right, skill set. You know if you look at the design of Bitcoin the types of decisions like the use of fourth, the scripting language.

It was pretty common in English, and European pedagogy in the 1980s and 1990s, is like an example language for a stack-based assembly and like little stuff like that. Little quirks like that.

Also he created hash cash, which is the predecessor of proof of work. He just kind of got a chip on his shoulder that Microsoft never did anything with it.

So he's probably looking for something he grew up with all the Cypher punks he knew of Hal Finney. You know he knew of all these people he's also referenced in the Bitcoin white paper.

Another straw in Canada is Nick Sabo, a computer scientist who is credited with creating bit gold a precursor to bitcoin and because we as humans do not have all the information to figure out who Satoshi is.

Ancient Bitcoin Millionaires

.These illogical hypotheses that we have developed For example, Elon Musk is Satoshi or even Steve. Jobs is Satoshi. Interesting fact, by the way, Apple has included the Bitcoin white paper in every version of Mac OS since 2018, but I believe, along with many others, that the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto is alfini.

Alfini is a computer scientist that received the first Bitcoin transaction on January 12, 2009, but unfortunately, how Finney passed away on August 28 2014 from ALS.

Therefore, I believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is not alive and these wallets do not belong to Satoshi Nakamoto, but let's say they do. Let'S say we knew for a fact. Satoshi Nakamoto was alive today. Well, what would happen well, even if we knew who Satoshi was, and they were alive today and Satoshi was eliminated or put in jail? Bitcoin would continue at this point.

It is too big and decentralized. I'Ve even heard theories that the CIA created bitcoin. The CIA is Satoshi, Nakamoto and Playing devil's advocate here. Let'S say the CIA is Satoshi Nakamoto. So what at this point, Bitcoin is too large and decentralized for any one agency or one government to control it.

Ancient Bitcoin Millionaires

But let's talk about the price. Satoshi reportedly holds 1 million coins, and if these coins were dumped, would it destroy Bitcoin? Well, the current circulating supply of Bitcoin is 19.3 million coins, but also, let's assume there are only 14 million coins because Millions have been lost.

This would mean that Satoshi holds anywhere from five to seven percent of the supply, while this is very large relative to other Bitcoin addresses it's actually a very small percentage compared to other asset classes and other cryptocurrency projects.

Therefore, if these coins were foolish, it would undoubtedly cause market panic and a crash, and this would also imply that we see all of these coins being sold off at once.
But it would not destroy Bitcoin. It would not destroy the crypto Market.

Bitcoin is stronger than ever. The hash rate is healthier than ever, and Bitcoin blocks continue to be mined every 10 minutes and this whole concept of Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous founder, is what makes Bitcoin so special.

I often hear from family members, usually older ones, they tell me I could never get on board with Bitcoin. I mean we don't even know who created it, and that is what makes it so unique.

You don't have to know you don't have to trust anyone. Bitcoin works for anyone, whoever you are, but it is surprising to many that Bitcoin is still number one in coin market cap out of thousands of coins, because it's old it is old Tech that never updates. Why?

Because it's actually decentralized making massive changes is hard to do when decentralized and very easy to do when centralized. This is why Bitcoin is still number one. You understand this [ Music, ] foreign

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