Crypto Investor Mindset – Principles for avoiding mistakes in thinking when investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies


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Your portfolio was in the black but a little later you lost everything? Do you recognize this or the following situations?

The share price rises sharply, and you are afraid that you will miss profits? You enter the market near the peak, the price turns and you watch as you lose money? Or: the price collapses, your position is in the red. You sell exactly at the low point, before the price recovers, and therefore realize big losses?

The reasons for such situations are a result of human ways of thinking and emotions like fear, greed and hope. These human tendencies lead one to behave incorrectly and therefore you have to accept painful losses. The bad thing is that these mistakes are made again and again. Even though you know you have made a mistake, you do not know why.

Crypto Investor Mindset will give you clarity! What you can expect in this book:

  • Dealing with emotions: This will help you to keep a realistic view of the market in all situations and avoid bad investments
  • Decades of scientific research results: You will know how to behave correctly in different situations
  • Rules and methods: This will allow you to react quickly and correctly to the respective market situations without having to read up on them
  • Statistics and probabilities: You will be able to use simple tools for good decision making without difficult mathematics
  • Over 30 unconscious human errors of thought: This helps you to avoid wrong or bad investment decisions

A large proportion of investors lose money in the markets because they are subject to errors of reasoning, do not think clearly and rely on current moods, feelings and emotions. This leads to predictable errors and this leads to losses. With this book you will not make these mistakes anymore!

  • Lose less money – People are subject to unconscious errors of thought that lead to bad investment decisions. This book will help you to avoid these errors and thus increase your returns.
  • Make better decisions in life – The contents of this book lead to better buying and selling decisions, more positive salary negotiations, advantages in betting or lotteries and to the defense against manipulation by experts, media or other people.
  • Avoiding losses – If you act out of fear, greed or hope, you will often make bad investments that will result in losing your hard-earned money. With Crypto Investor Mindset you can avoid these large and painful losses.

Learn to recognize when you are once again being faced with a costly, wrong decision and act in favor of your return! Get your copy of Crypto Investor Mindset and click on “Buy now” in the top right corner!

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