Crypto Profit: Your Expert Guide to Financial Freedom through Cryptocurrency Investing


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“An interesting, thought-provoking book… fascinating…” – The Skeptical Intelligencer


This eye-opening book explains why, contrary to what most people believe, investing in cryptocurrencies is actually a good idea. In fact, cryptocurrencies are on track to be the best investment opportunity of the 21st century.
Author Peter Bryant (‘the Crypto Prof') is an experienced, professional investor. He has achieved significant profits by investing in cryptocurrencies and has helped his clients to do the same. Now, he presents his case for trading and investing in cryptos and explains how to do so safely and successfully.
In this book, Bryant explains in clear, non-technical language what bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies actually are, why they are rapidly gaining acceptance and the best ways to invest in them. The book is written for sceptics and doubters, patiently addressing all of the common objections and dispelling the myths surrounding these little-understood new ways of transacting value. The investment strategies are presented as clear, simple step-by-step guides that anyone can follow.
Welcome to the truth about Crypto Profit.

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