Crypto Trading For Beginners 2021: Beginner Guide to Crypto Day Trading, Exchanges, Tools, Strategies and Practical Trading Tips

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#1 Best Selling Crypto Trading Book

Are you a crypto trader or intending to be one?

Have you been searching for some guidance on crypto trading strategies or want to learn how to trade crypto for a living?

Have you been trading without making profits or having had significant trading losses and now want to learn the secrets to crypto profit?


If you are, this book is for you…

Crypto Trading For Beginners 2021 comprises all you should know about Cryptocurrency trading and forex. It serves as a beginner's handbook you must have to get started with your day trading.

In this book, I discussed more real-life strategies for successful trading and making profits.

With over seven years of experience in the financial market trading stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies, I can assure you that you'll make fortunes in your trading business if you follow my guide correctly.

What you'll learn;

  • Fundamentals to get started on crypto trading
  • The principles of crypto trading
  • How to take long and short term trades
  • Risk management
  • Trading rules to help you get disciplined
  • The psychology of a crypto trader
  • Day trading strategies for beginners
  • Fundamental and technical analysis
  • Common mistakes to avoid while trading cryptocurrency
  • The best crypto exchanges to start trading
  • Crypto market manipulations and how to avoid them

There are still more to learn from in this book, but I just mentioned a few above.

This is not just the same crypto trading book you find online, as it is a practical guide that has helped me and some others in the crypto space.

Stop losing that your hard-earned money to trading without the proper education.
Get this book now to get started with my working method.

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