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How an Online Community Becomes a Digital City


Oct 17, 2022
How an Online Community Becomes a Digital City

The DAO essentially meets online via the chat app Discord, where it has various interest channels including fashion, music and art. FWB is the native token of the DAO, and anyone with 5 FWB can become a local member, which grants them access to Discord channels, a newsletter, livestreamed event content and other semi-exclusive perks. To become a global member, one must fill out an application, pass an interview with one of the 20-30 rotating members of the FWB Host Committee, and then purchase 75 FWB at market price. Membership also provides access to a token-gated event app called Gatekeeper, an NFT gallery, a Web3-focused editorial outlet and in-person party and festival events. According to the community dashboard, the current treasury is $18.26 million.

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