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SEBA Bank Offers Token for Digital Ownership of Gold


Dec 15, 2021
SEBA Bank Offers Token for Digital Ownership of Gold

Digital asset banking platform SEBA is offering a stablecoin that serves as a token for digital ownership of gold.

The token will be backed by physical gold, “ready for any time on-demand delivery,” SEBA announced Wednesday.The Zug, Switzerland-based firm said the token differs from other gold derivative investment products, such as exchanged-traded funds (ETFs) or over-the-counter (OTC) contracts, because investors can redeem the physical metal at any time.The token can also be used as a compliant stablecoin in trading or act as a store of value, SEBA said.Stablecoins and other digital assets backed by physical redeemable gold are not new, however, with New York-based exchange Paxos introducing one in September 2019. According to CoinGecko, PAX Gold (PAXG) has a daily trading volume of just under $11.7 million.

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