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The Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrencies: What the New Rich Investor Teach Their Followers About Virtual Money: Five Parameters to Analyze, How to Create Your Own Asset and Choose the Best Currencies

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What Are Cryptocurrencies and How Do They Work?

How to choose the Best Cryptocurrencies to Bet on in the Short and Long Term?

Which are the Main Scams Related to Cryptocurrencies?

If you are kicking with the desire to answer these questions, you've found the right solution for you.

Thanks to this guide you will be able to think outside the box as only the new rich investors have done in the last decade.

Do not worry if you have never bought a single virtual currency before, you will discover page after page how to conquer your fears and above all being well prepared to Start Buying Cryptocurrencies and Create Your Own Asset.

For centuries great businessman and important families have kept secret their ways to invest, and the best solutions for making money were a prerogative for a few, but now everything is changing. Do you want to be part of this revolution or do you still want to remain engaged in outdated patterns?

Before starting to create your wallet, however, it is fundamental to know how to protect you and your money from hacker attacks and the main scams. Does that sound hard? You will be amazed at how simple it will seem. Read this book and you will be safe from the storm. Being informed, will ensure you to have a place in paradise.

Here some examples of what you can find inside the chapters:

�� Seven Advantages and Three Disadvantages of Cryptocurrencies.

�� Five Cryptocurrency Parameters to Analyze Before Investing in Cryptocurrencies.

�� Where to Start Buying Cryptocurrencies to Create Your Own Asset.

�� How a Wallet Works.

�� The Step-by-Step Guide to Protect Your Cryptocurrencies from Hacker Attacks.

�� The Main Scams Related to Cryptocurrencies.

�� Cryptocurrencies, Dark Web and Silk Road.

You will also easily learn about the evolution and potential impacts of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other currencies could in short time have on global businesses.

What are you waiting for?

�� Make your first good investment: Buy this Book and Start to Make Money! ��

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