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What Is a Blockchain Protocol and Why Is It Important for Crypto?


Jul 4, 2021
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Cryptocurrency runs on the blockchain, and blockchain know-how contains many computational guidelines or procedures—a few of which you could have heard of as buzzwords within the media.

Collectively, these guidelines are known as protocols. Nonetheless, they’re greater than instructions on a pc. So, right here’s what a blockchain protocol actually is.

What Is a Blockchain Protocol?

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On this planet of pc programming, protocols are standardized guidelines that dictate what a system ought to or shouldn’t do. Due to this fact, on the planet of blockchain, blockchain protocols are a set of codes or calls for that govern how a blockchain ought to function.

A blockchain protocol can lay down a large algorithm, such because the blockchain’s interface, the interplay of taking part computer systems, the form of information that needs to be shared, incentives for builders that take part within the community, and so forth.


How Does a Blockchain Protocol Work?

A blockchain protocol can solely work if everybody concerned within the protocol follows it and works on its layers step-by-step.

Present blockchain protocols will be categorized into three layers:

Layer 1: This layer refers back to the basic system of a blockchain protocol. Examples of layer one protocols embody the well-known Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) programs.

Layer 2: This layer builds on Layer 1 and primarily solves velocity and scalability points. An instance of a layer two protocol is Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, which is designed to course of Bitcoin transactions rapidly.

Layer 3: This layer offers with the applying and execution of a blockchain protocol. Many decentralized functions are layer three protocols. Examples embody decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and NFT market NBA Top Shot.

Because of the exploding reputation of cryptocurrencies, many blockchain firms at the moment are constructing on current protocol layers to handle current points of their programs. Some blockchain protocols now provide as much as 5 protocol layers for max scalability.

Why Is a Blockchain Protocol Necessary to Crypto?

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Blockchain protocols make cryptocurrency transactions doable. All protocols within the business intention to attain or preserve the 4 principal ideas of cryptocurrency: decentralization, consistency, safety, and scalability.

The existence of a blockchain protocol additionally gives construction to a blockchain community. A blockchain community consists of people and organizations that run them, and protocols are put in place to make sure that each single transaction is verified by builders and engineers and due to this fact runs easily.

Merely put, with out blockchain protocols, cryptocurrencies wouldn’t be the place they’re in the present day.

What Are the Fundamental Sorts of Blockchain Protocols?

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There are a whole lot of blockchain protocols in existence, and every presents a special perform relying on the corporate that runs them.

Listed here are the principle kinds of blockchain protocols within the cryptocurrency world:

Bitcoin: Bitcoin’s transaction protocol is the landmark blockchain protocol that revolutionized digital funds. A couple of of its protocols laid the muse for cryptocurrency transactions: peer-to-peer transactions, hashes, digital signatures, and so forth.

Ethereum: Ethereum’s protocol relies on sensible contracts, the place transactions are mechanically carried out when established standards on the community are met.

Cardano: Rising cryptocurrency Cardano runs on a protocol often known as Ouroboros, which is designed to cut back energy consumption in cryptocurrency transactions.

Hyperledger: Hyperledger is focused at companies from totally different sectors and goals to empower enterprise transactions and different monetary companies.

Within the cryptocurrency market, many altcoins are forks of Bitcoin and Ethereum. A cryptocurrency fork is mainly a “copy” of one other cryptocurrency’s protocol.

Blockchain Protocols Outline Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain protocols function the spine of cryptocurrencies, and the swift improvement of blockchain know-how as an entire implies that new protocols are sometimes being launched to the market.

Contemplating that cryptocurrencies are right here to remain, it’s only a matter of time that blockchain protocols change into extra superior and finally change the panorama of digital forex.

blockchain network

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